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New York, Week 2 – Boot camp

Ruairi Feehan

RF - Week 1My first week in New York involved an intensive training program called ‘Hedge Fund Boot Camp’.  I found this to be both beneficial and enjoyable as I have a keen interest in the financial services industry and therefore I was in a position to learn from EisnerAmper LLP’s financial services team here in New York.  I have found the US team to be accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and above all very approachable.

I am currently reading Michael Lewis’s best seller, ‘The Big Short’.  The book is about the 2007 financial crisis and how a number of Hedge Fund managers predicted the subprime crisis.  One of the Partners in EisnerAmper LLP recommended watching the movie as further hedge fund training, therefore I took their advice and went to the cinema to watch the movie.  Glad I did as it is an excellent film!

US secondees blog 2016