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Frank Keane interviewed for Global Finance magazine

Frank Keane, Partner and Head of International Business, was interviewed by Karen Kroll, reporter with Global Finance, in relation to International Business planning and the possible impact of BEPS. Karen’s article “Tax Planning Goes On Steroids” is in the June 2016 edition of Global Finance where she cites Frank on his point that although many of the principles in BEPS don’t have any legally binding status, countries might opt to incorporate them into their tax codes anyway but that this should not impact on Irelands position in being the location of choice for international expansion. The full article can be viewed here.

Since mid-2015, Frank and the International Business team have been carrying out a study in the US and Ireland on the motivations for internationalisation.  In 2015, the media narrative in the US was around Ireland’s position as a location of choice for internationalisation being primarily tax driven, however this did not fit with the clients that EisernAmper Ireland were working with and therefore it was decided that the motivations for internationalisation are varied and worth understanding.

One finding of

the study is that the most common reason companies internationalise from the US to Ireland is to be closer to their European customers and to understand their buying behaviours.  However, there is no “European” buying behaviour, each country is different.  That means you need to be able to understand each country’s culture and nuances.  To do this you need people who were born in each European country to work with customers from those countries.  Your choice is to open operations in each country or find a location where people from all over Europe will come and live.  Ireland is that place and EisnerAmper Ireland have those people.

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