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19 August 2016 – Getting settled in Ireland

Melissa Abourashed at Guinness StorehouseMelissa Abourashed

My third week consisted of another batch of on-site work in Limerick.

I got back into the office on Friday and we had a work night out which was a really great chance to get to know everyone from the office. I spent my fourth week in the office continuing to work on my client engagement and began writing reports for the jobs that we had completed. I learned a good amount about how to write the reports properly!

I was very excited as the month came to an end because my mom and sister were coming to visit. While my mom and sister were in Ireland we took a day trip out to Giants Causeway which was another amazing site. Back in Dublin, we also went to see St. Patricks Cathedral which was beautiful and had a good time at the Guinness Storehouse.

Ireland secondees blog