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Week 11 – Lets go Yankees!

Joey Halligan | Lets Go Yankees | US Secondee Blog | Financial Services | EisnerAmper Ireland

Joey Halligan

Shaun and I have been spending more time in the New York and New Jersey offices over the last couple of weeks as we are awaiting information from the client before we return to their offices to complete the remainder of our fieldwork. This has given us a chance to spend more time with the managers on the job to fine tune our audit workpapers and ensure the audit is progressing as smoothly as possible.

On Saturday, we went to the Yankees Stadium to see the New York Yankees play the Kansas City Royals after being kindly provided with tickets by Charly Weinstein, CEO of EisnerAmper LLP. We got to see plenty of home runs as the Yankees won 9-2 and we even managed to get ourselves on the Jumbotron.

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