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Week 13 – Friends Farewell

Ruairi Feehan | Friends Farewell | US Secondee Blog | Financial Services | EisnerAmper Ireland

Ruairi Feehan

As busy season came to an end recently, the audit team were assigned a number of new team members from the New York office. In addition, the team members from Mumbai flew home as their secondment term ended which meant the addition of new team members was very welcomed. We had a team meeting last week and were introduced to our new colleagues. We are currently working through our assignments to ensure the job is completed to the required standard.

Prior to our fellow secondee’s departure we went for a meal to toast our friendship and enjoy some of their native food, which was excellent! I will miss Chintal, Manisha, Ritika, and Santhosh among others as they brought a lot of joy to the secondment. I wish them all future success in the Mumbai office and beyond.

US secondees blog 2019