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Defibrillator Installation in the EisnerAmper Office

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EisnerAmper’s CSR team are pleased to announce that a defibrillator has been installed in the office. Heart Safety Solutions are the leading supplier of defibrillators, AED storage and accessories throughout Ireland and were in our office today to provide quality first aid, healthcare and safety training services to our staff members.

A cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of heart function which causes a person to collapse. This is caused because something has gone wrong with the heart’s electrical system, and without immediate CPR and defibrillation the person will not survive. The chance of surviving a cardiac arrest jumps from 6% to 74% if the casualty is in a shockable rhythm and a defibrillator is deployed within 3 minutes, making it invaluable to have in our offices.

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EisnerAmper Ireland, we deliver solutions to support our community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to how we do business and manage interactions, not just with our employees and clients but also our wider community and society as a whole.  As a professional services firm, demonstrating ethical high performance in all aspects of our work and how we run our firm is fundamental to our success.  Learn more about our CSR policy here and our CSR initiatives here.

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