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EisnerAmper Ireland’s Advisory department advises leading businesses, financial institutions, government and state agencies in the areas of policy development, strategy, restructuring and M&A.  Our Advisory clients include the Central Bank of Ireland, the Office of Government Procurement, the Department of Finance, the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and Credit Unions in addition to early stage, high growth businesses operating in the Technology and Life Sciences sectors.  Our Advisory team is experienced in reviewing, evaluating and reporting upon large scale, complex, financial information under tight time frames.

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Risk & Regulatory
Risk & Regulatory

We provide advice, conduct pre-inspection assessments, support clients throughout the regulatory engagement cycle, assist with the design and implementation of risk and compliance frameworks, and prepare skilled person reports. Our services help:

  • Banks deal with regulatory requirements and risk mitigation programmes, freeing up senior management time to focus on core business;
  • Insurers/reinsurers assess whether their systems of governance remain fit for purpose under the Solvency II regime;
  • Regulated financial service providers by providing a pragmatic approach to problem-solving that accelerates the timeline to return to normal business; and
  • International regulatory authorities in developing and implementing their supervisory strategies.
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

We independently assess the risks and opportunities of a transaction by undertaking comprehensive financial and tax due diligence upon the target business.

Our due diligence experience includes undertaking multiple concurrent due diligence reviews on behalf of Credit Unions and the Central Bank of Ireland in connection with proposed mergers.  Our due diligence services are focused upon:

  • Financial;
  • Tax;
  • Governance; and
  • Internal controls.
Financial Modelling
Financial Modelling

We develop financial models used by our clients for investment, operational, regulatory and reporting purposes. Our experience includes advising:

  • Banks engaged in restructuring projects.
  • Property companies and aircraft lessors seeking to quantify the impact of business decisions.
  • Technology & Life Sciences companies engaged in fundraising.
Review & Report
Review & Report

We source, review, evaluate and report upon large scale, complex and sensitive financial data under right timeframes.  Our experience includes advising:

  •  NAMA on the acquisition, negotiation and management of property and/or debt with a value >€5bn; from multiple large scale highly complex business plan reviews to financial monitoring engagements.
  • The Central Bank of Ireland in developing and executing plans relating to the restructure of the credit union sector; from investigation, strategy and policy development and oversight to due diligence and M&A execution.
  • The Department of Finance in relation to the  independent verification of reported savings for a sample of projects under the Public Service Agreement 2010 – 2014 (Croke Park Agreement).
Stakeholder Reporting
Stakeholder Reporting

We review, evaluate and report upon the financial and management performance of businesses operating across multiple sectors on behalf of lending institutions and other financial stakeholders including owners and providers of capital.  We provide stakeholder reporting services to:

  • Private Equity;
  • NAMA and property developers; and
  • Other sources of capital.
Secondment Services
Secondment Services

We provide accounting and support services to the financial control, decision support and change functions of businesses during transitional periods.  We provide these services to:

  • Banks (domestic and international);
  • Insurance companies;
  • Aircraft lessors; and
  • Corporate administrators.

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Transaction Management Support
Transaction Management Support

We provide project management support services across the transaction lifecycle from acquisition screening through to post merger integration support.  Our experience includes advising:

  • Credit unions in connection with proposed transfers of engagements; from due diligence reviews to business plan preparation;
  • Technology & Life Sciences companies seeking funding and/or engaged in M&A activities; and
  • Financial institutions, including NAMA and the Central Bank of Ireland, engaged in restructuring and M&A.
Business Plan Preparation & Review
Business Plan Preparation & Review

We advise business leaders in developing robust business plans which enable their organisations to make informed decisions in the areas of strategy and M&A. Our experience includes advising:

  • NAMA on multiple large scale highly complex business plan reviews and financial monitoring engagements.
  • Credit unions preparing business plans in connection with proposed transfers of engagements.
  • Tech & Lifescience companies engaged in fundraising.

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