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Board Training and Support

We deliver bespoke Board Support and Training services that helps you to fulfil your duties as a Board (and individual members) and achieve effective demonstrable compliance with regulatory requirements and expectations.

In our experience the developmental needs of Boards of Directors fall outside corporate HR structures and so our dedicated Board Support and Training team, led by Frank Keane, Partner, and former Central Bank of Ireland regulator, Dave Montgomery, Partner, fulfil this roll and provide Board Support and Training courses that are tailored to your Board’s needs.

Our tailored Board Support and Training services provide a secure and private forum to:

  • Identify and address your Board’s needs and requirements;
  • Clarify regulatory expectations for Board members in all regulated entities including banks, insurance companies and MiFID firms;
  • Align Board of Directors, Company and relevant individual (e.g. the Company Secretary) objectives and expectations;
  • Demonstrate “good practice” in relation to formal support and training for Board members in the area of regulatory reporting, e.g. the Dear CEO letter on Solvency II Regulatory Reporting; and
  • Help Boards and Board members to enhance their organisational effectiveness in a pragmatic fashion.
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Our Board Support and Training programmes typically include:
  • Identification, review and discussion of specific topics of interest to the Board of Directors (e.g. a communication from a regulator);
  • Assessment of relevant regulatory landscape knowledge and Board training in relation to specific regulations and regulatory expectations (e.g. the Central Bank of Ireland’s expectations of Directors of (Re)Insurance companies);
  • Creation of a regular Support and Training programme (e.g. quarterly) aligned to your Board meeting schedule to provide a robust audit trail on materials and attendance, in compliance with regulatory Board training expectations;
  • Ongoing facilitator-led workshops onsite on topics agreed by the Board, e.g. regulatory hot topics; and
  • Working with your management team to access and distil required materials to reduce the workload on Board participants.
Board Support and Training Case studies

Below are some examples of how we have helped our clients:

(Re)Insurance Company Board Support and Training
(Re)Insurance Company Board Support and Training

A (Re)Insurance Company received the “Dear CEO” letter from the Central Bank of Ireland sharing their observations from analysis into regulatory reporting within the relevant regulated market. The Board of the (Re)Insurance Company took this opportunity to ensure that they had up to date knowledge of their obligations under relevant, and recently changed, regulations.

The EisnerAmper Ireland Training & Consulting team completed an initial consultation and a Board-wide needs assessment to create a bespoke Board Support and Training programme. This Board Support and Training programme is being delivered on-site over 3 sessions per annum that coincide with Board meetings in Ireland.

After engaging with EisnerAmper Ireland, the Board of the (Re)Insurance Company efficiently enhanced their knowledge of relevant obligations, are now in a better position to demonstrate compliance and displayed “good practice” in relation to their approach to Board training. Additionally, Board member roles and duties were clarified and better aligned with Board, Company and Regulator expectations.

Insurance Company Board Support and Training
Insurance Company Board Support and Training

The Board of Directors of an Insurance Company was seeking to develop, and commence, an approach to enhance their ongoing knowledge development via training. The EisnerAmper Ireland Training & Consulting team completed an initial consultation and skills gap assessment with each Board member and created a detailed Board Support and Training programme. The training programme commenced and the initial session focused on enhancing Board-wide knowledge to better enable them to:

  • Explain conceptually the contents of statutory financial statements and the Directors’ responsibilities in relation to approving them;
  • Discuss the basis of industry and company specific matters contained in the financial statements; and
  • Explain the process and contents of the QRT returns and the Director responsibilities in relation to their approval.

As a result of the tailored Board Support and Training programme, the Board enhanced their knowledge of relevant obligations efficiently and are now in a better position to demonstrate compliance with CBI expectations, company law and company expectations.

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Frank Keane

Board Support and Training Partner

Frank Keane, Partner, leads the provision of our Training & Consulting services. Frank has designed and delivered professional training programs for clients including government departments, leading law firms, educational institutions, corporate service providers and international banks.

Frank is a long time lecturer on Chartered Accountants Ireland’s (“CAI”) Final Admitting Exams (“FAE”) program specialising in the delivery of the “Core” (multidisciplinary) papers. Frank has also acted as External Examiner for the Institute of Bankers and UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business.

Frank is a former long standing member of CAI Education & Life Long Learning Committee and is currently a member of a Working Group examining Continuous Professional Development (“CPD”) for Chartered Accountants.

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Dave Montgomery

Risk & Regulatory Partner

Dave was formerly the Deputy Head of Risk in the Central Bank of Ireland. During his 12 years with the Central Bank, Dave established inspection teams and methodologies to supervise insurance and reinsurance firms and worked in banking sector regulation developing and implementing the Central Bank of Ireland’s regulatory risk appetite and risk assessment framework (PRISMTM).

A partner within the Firm’s Risk & Regulatory division, Dave advises financial services providers on risk, regulatory and compliance-related matters. Dave provides authorisation application support to companies and investors, outsourcing solutions to operationalise compliance and risk function requirements, Pre-Approval Controlled Function support services, supports clients throughout the regulatory engagement lifecycle and specialises in the design and implementation of risk and compliance frameworks.

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