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Corporation Tax Services

We deliver Corporation Tax Compliance services designed to enable you to meet your Irish corporation tax obligations thereby allowing you to focus on the core activities that matter to your business.

EisnerAmper Ireland provides Corporation Tax Compliance Services to International and Irish companies trading both in and through Ireland with international markets. Our specialist tax advisors are equipped with the technical know-how required to support your business in navigating Irish corporation tax requirements, and our high-quality deliverable is designed to meet those requirements.

We work with businesses across multiple industries including aircraft leasing, technology, financial services, private equity, life sciences & medtech, property, and food & beverage.

Our Corporation Tax Compliance services enables you to:
  • Meet your corporation tax filing obligations in accordance with Irish tax law;
  • Create efficiencies for your business through consideration of potential reliefs, loss utilisation and capital allowance claims to minimise your corporation tax liability;
  • Make the technical disclosures relating to the Company’s tax affairs that are required by Irish tax law as part of the corporation tax return process;
  • Understand the tax issues facing your business through the provision of our corporation tax report; and
  • Focus on your core business activities.
Our Corporation Tax Services include:
  • Preparation of the corporation tax computation and return (Form CT1) and filing of the return with the Irish Revenue on behalf of the Company;
  • Filing of the form 46G with Irish Revenue on behalf of the Company;
  • Assistance with meeting preliminary tax obligations;
  • Assistance with instructing payments relating to corporation tax liabilities with the Irish Revenue; and
  • Provision of a corporation tax report which details the basis upon which returns have been prepared and which outlines the final tax position of the Company with supporting analysis where required.
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    Case studies
    Aircraft Leasing & Securitisation vehicles
    Aircraft Leasing & Securitisation vehicles
    • Assisting one of Ireland’s largest aircraft leasing groups with meeting their Irish corporation tax compliance obligations through the preparation of their corporation tax computation and return. We facilitate our client’s understanding their corporation tax computation and return through the provision of our detailed corporation tax report which provides commentary on the tax issues considered.
    • Assisting with filing of the corporation tax returns and form 46Gs with the Irish Revenue on behalf of some of Ireland’s largest aircraft leasing vehicles and setting up the payments to Revenue in respect of tax liabilities arising in the returns.
    • Provision of corporation tax compliance to s.110 entities located in Ireland which have corporate service providers acting as an administrator on their behalf. We facilitate large companies who work with several service providers in meeting their corporation tax compliance obligations by communicating and working professionally and efficiently with other engaged agents such as corporate administrators.
    Innovative Technology subsidiary
    Innovative Technology subsidiary
    • Assisting an Irish subsidiary of a US based parent company meeting their Irish corporation tax compliance obligations.
    • Processing claims in respect of the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit with the Irish Revenue and arranging for the refunds for this tax incentive to be credited to the Company’s bank account from the Irish Revenue.
    • Assisting in the calculation of the start-up company relief tax credit available to the Irish subsidiary and processing this claim through filing the corporation tax return with the Irish Revenue.
    Treasury Group
    Treasury Group
    • Providing corporation tax compliance services to a large Turkish based Financial Services Group with its treasury function located in Ireland, ensuring Irish corporation tax compliance in accordance with Irish tax law whilst also supporting tax efficient management of the Group entities’ affairs.
    Online Retail and Cosmetics
    Online Retail and Cosmetics
    • Assistance with preparation and filing of corporation tax return with the Irish Revenue and arranging payment instruction in respect of corporation tax liability.
    • Processing of claims for capital allowances available in respect of fixed assets held by the Company in line with Irish tax advice previously delivered to the Company.
    • Providing assistance on determining ‘close company’ status for Irish corporation tax purposes and facilitating ‘close company’ planning through providing guidance on distributions and the preparation and filing of Dividend withholding Tax (DWT) returns.


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