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EA Solve’s innovative operating model is defined by 3 symbiotic channels, SMEs’ expertise, cutting-edge technology, and EA Solve’s dynamic approach. Through collaboration, EA Solve not only crafts solutions that push boundaries but also empower businesses to offer their clients more.  With EA Solve, it’s not just about adaptation; it’s about setting the pace for the future of service productisation.


Our Service Offerings

EA Solve streamlines the leap from ideas to market success. We start by reorienting thinking towards innovation, then foster idea generation with collaborative workshops. Our direct design and build approach uses agile methods and continuous feedback to ensure products meet market demands. Validating each concept’s viability prepares it for launch, and we empower sales teams with in-depth product narratives. At every stage, we embed change management and collective expertise, prioritising adaptability and long-term value. EA Solve isn’t just about services – it’s about crafting solutions that evolve with your business.

Innovation Advisory at EA Solve
Innovation Advisory at EA Solve

At the core of EA Solve’s mission is the drive to be not just a contributor but a leading force in the innovation landscape. Our focus is on championing change, guiding our clients from traditional paradigms to new frontiers where ideas can be transformed into viable products with real-world applications.

Change Management Philosophy
Change Management Philosophy

Recognising the critical role of change management, we position ourselves as ambassadors for this change. Through this, we enable a smooth transition for our U.S. counterparts to appreciate and adopt the operational prowess required to bring their creative visions to market-ready status.

EA Solve’s Team Dynamics
EA Solve’s Team Dynamics

With a firm belief in the synergy of collective expertise, EA Solve brings together a spectrum of professionals from designers to developers to accountants. This convergent team is equipped to tackle the intricate nuances of GRC technology challenges, delivering end-to-end solutions that are as innovative as they are reliable.

Feedback Integration
Feedback Integration

By weaving a feedback mechanism throughout the lifecycle of our services, we guarantee that the voice of experience is always heard and acted upon. This not only refines our services but also strengthens the trust and relationship with our clients, as they witness their input directly shaping the outcomes.

EA Solve’s 5 Phased Approach

Navigating from ideation to commercialisation is a complex and multi-stage process that involves turning a creative idea into a successful product or service that generates revenue. At EA Solve we know how important it is to remain flexible, responsive to feedback, and persistent in pursuing our vision. To this end, we have developed a 5 phased approach combining innovation, market understanding, financial acumen and effective execution, all aimed at achieving our overarching objective of establishing ourselves as a thriving enterprise highly proficient in the art of commercialisation.


1.  Orientation

EA Solve initiates the transformative journey with an orientation phase aimed at shifting the traditional service mindset towards a product-centric innovation ethos. Through dynamic, interactive sessions that harness storytelling, we illustrate the evolution from services to scalable products, leveraging analogies and success stories. This method not only communicates effectively but also ignites a cognitive shift in stakeholders, setting the stage for a future where their services are reimagined as innovative products.

2.  Idea Generation

Our idea generation phase is designed to cultivate a rich environment where new, market-ready innovations can thrive. By organising cross-disciplinary, workshop-style forums, team members at all levels are encouraged to pitch and refine their ideas within a supportive CETM framework. This approach not only draws from a wealth of perspectives but also instils a sense of ownership and engagement, critical for propelling the innovative spirit that drives EA Solve.

3.  Design and Build

In the design and build phase, EA Solve’s multidisciplinary teams take the helm, transforming concepts into operational prototypes through a collaborative and iterative process. By integrating design thinking with agile methodologies, and fostering ongoing feedback from SMEs, we ensure that each step—from conception to prototype—is aligned with both market needs and client expectations. This hands-on involvement throughout the product development lifecycle guarantees that our outcomes are not only inventive but also primed for market success.

4.  Proof of Concept and Commercialisation

The proof of concept and commercialization phase is where EA Solve’s innovations are put to the test, confirming their viability and market readiness. A meticulous validation process, underpinned by clear KPIs and a strategic market entry plan, ensures transparent and communicative progress. This phase is critical, as it solidifies stakeholder confidence and lays the groundwork for successful product launches, signifying shared achievements and market potential.

5.  Sales Channel

In the final phase, EA Solve seamlessly integrates the newly developed products into established sales channels. We prepare our sales and client service teams with deep knowledge of the product’s journey and its inherent value, empowering them to effectively communicate and sell the product. This profound understanding of the product’s narrative—its genesis, development, and advantages—equips our teams to not just sell a product but to advocate for a solution that embodies EA Solve’s innovative.

The Team

EA Solve is powered by a diverse group of professionals, including seasoned accountants, creative designers, and tech-savvy experts. Together, we challenge conventions and turn groundbreaking ideas into realities. Discover the team whose dedication and skill are shaping the future of productised services.

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