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As the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) comes into direct effect for circa 50,000 EU Companies over 2024/5, the focus shifts beyond compliance to unlocking tangible business value. 

At EisnerAmper Ireland, we recognize the significance of sustainability reporting as a strategic tool for enhancing stakeholder trust, demonstrating competitive advantage, improving resource efficiency, attracting top talent, building real resilience, and ultimately creating long-term value for your business. Companies that want to stay successful need to be sustainable!  

Regulation is not just about compliance it is also a blueprint of how to run your business. The CSRD and related European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) present a comprehensive framework for companies to assess their sustainability practices and identify opportunities to improve their own business performance and their impact on people and the environment.  

We have analysed the ESRS’s detailed Disclosure Requirements and over 1,000 individual Datapoints and mapped 100% of the requirements in standards into a technology solution that enables an efficient and verifiable sustainability reporting journey that helps your Board demonstrate compliance to your independent assurance provider (auditor). 

Introducing EnSiGn:

Your governance-based software solution designed to Educate, Enable, and Evidence your journey to a verifiable CSRD+ESRS Sustainability Report. 


EnSiGn simplifies your journey through the complex disclosure requirements, supporting reporting professionals, risk and governance specialists, supervisory bodies, and independent assurance providers (auditors).  

Audit, ESG and Governance, Risk and Compliance subject matter experts from EisnerAmper Ireland worked closely with the FinReg Global team to design an efficient and elegant solution that:   

-Educates users on the detailed regulatory requirements 

-Enables their journey through the sustainability reporting process 

-Evidences their compliance with the reporting standards   

We’re here to assist companies in developing and implementing their sustainability reporting program, using the EnSiGn software solution, providing expertise and support every step of the way.  

Our structured approach maps the requirements of the CSRD and related reporting standards into four key steps: 

How we deliver value to our clients:

Our systematic and comprehensive approach goes beyond mere compliance with the regulatory requirements, focusing on delivering tangible value to your organization  

At EisnerAmper Ireland, we’re committed to helping you unlock the full potential of sustainability reporting. Our experienced professionals provide personalised guidance every step of the way, from planning and documentation to board approval and independent assurance. We deliver value by guiding you through the sustainability reporting journey using the EnSiGn  software solution. This process not only ensures that responses to all relevant Disclosure Requirements are evidenced in an auditable way, but also identifies opportunities for enhancing your sustainability strategies and interventions to unlock value for your business. 

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