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Credit Unions

Our dedicated Credit Union Group, led by Diarmaid O’Keeffe, Partner, helps credit unions optimise growth opportunities and manage risk. 

Our highly experienced team has more than 15 years’ industry experience working with over 200 credit unions; regulators; industry bodies; and technology developers. 

We provide robust, value add and practical services to credit unions from audit, internal audit and regulatory advisory to due diligence, merger advisory and training & consulting services. 

Our experience includes:  

  • Acting as Statutory Auditor to some of the largest credit unions in Ireland.  
  • Undertaking complex asset, due diligence, internal controls and governance reviews.  
  • Successfully advising on multiple transfer of engagements.  
  • Designing and delivering training to Boards and Management of credit unions.  
  • Working with statutory bodies, regulators and government departments.  
  • Serving on advisory panels for the Central Bank and the Department of Finance.  
  • Serving member of the Credit Union Advisory Committee (“CUAC”). 
  • Designing best practice Procedures for Quality Audit (“PQA’s”) for credit unions on behalf of Chartered Accountants Ireland.  

Our services to credit unions include:  

  • Statutory Audit​ 
  • Internal Audit 
  • Financial Reporting  
  • Forensic Accounting 
  • Asset & Due Diligence Reviews 
  • Internal Controls & Governance Reviews 
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews 
  • Risk Mitigation Programs  
  • Business Plan Services 
  • Financial Projections Preparation 
  • Board Support & Training Services 

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    Case Studies  

    Below are some examples of how we have helped our clients: 

    Statutory Audit
    Statutory Audit

    Appointed as Statutory Auditor to some of the largest Credit Unions in IrelandWe furnish credit union Boards with robust audit management letters with actionable recommendations supported by appropriate evidence. 

    Asset Review and Due Diligence
    Asset Review and Due Diligence

    Engaged to undertake multiple asset and due diligence reviews of credit unions throughout Ireland both as standalone services and in the context of transfers of engagementsServices include review of loan books, investments, fixed assets, governance, regulatory arrangements, financial performanceoperational arrangements and the execution of previous transfers of engagement.  

    Forensic Review
    Forensic Review

    Forensic accounting review and investigation of certain transactions identified by a credit unionScope of services included investigation and review of internal controlsaccounting and record keeping systems in operation. Delivered a robust report with actionable recommendations. 

    Financial Reporting
    Financial Reporting

    Engaged to advise a credit union on financial reporting requirements relating to an acquired loan book including appropriate accounting treatment and disclosures in accordance with FRS 102. 

    Training – CU Head of Finance Certificate
    Training – CU Head of Finance Certificate

    Designed and delivered bespoke 6 module training program for Credit Union Heads of Finance seeking to enhance their financial skills, competencies and knowledge. Subject areas include Management Accounting; Strategy Planning & Corporate Governance; Financial Accounting & Reporting; and Audit Regulation.  

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