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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

EisnerAmper Ireland received certification to ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System (EMS) in September 2022 from the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard with more than 300,000 certifications in 171 countries around the world. This standard helps us identify, manage and control our activities that have an environmental impact 

ISO 14001:2015 involves: 

  • Defining environmental aspects;
  • Analysing relevant environmental impacts;
  • Mitigating environmental impacts;
  • Improving environmental performance;
  • Reviewing the performance of the Environmental Management System; and
  • Maintaining and improving the Environmental Management System.

Our Head of Operations is responsible for supporting the efficient running of the Firm’s operations by managing specified internal functions such as EisnerAmper Ireland’s Integrated Management System (IMS), which includes EisnerAmper Ireland’s Environmental Management System.

The Firm’s Environmental Management System is underpinned by the EisnerAmper Ireland Environmental Policy Statement (available on request) which outlines our commitment to protect the natural environment from harm as a result of our activities, fulfil our environmental compliance obligations and enhance our environmental performance.

The benefits of ISO 14001:2015 are:ISO 14001:2015 Environment | Our ISO | EisnerAmper Ireland

  • Identification and monitoring of environmental aspects;
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts;
  • Employee awareness and participation;
  • Effective management system for environmental policies and procedures;
  • Compliance with environmental legislation; and
  • Integration with other management standards (Sustainable Development Goals, GHG Protocol).