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Payroll Services

Our outsourced payroll services enable you to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your business – our trusted payroll specialists will manage your payroll enabling you and your business to focus more on generating revenue and increasing profitability. 

In addition, our outsourced payroll service solution helps to maximise your payroll tax compliance, increase your payroll accuracy and ensure that your employees are paid on-time, ultimately giving you, your business and your employees peace-of-mind that your payroll function is operating efficiently and effectively. 

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    Your Outsourced Payroll Service Partner

    Payroll is a crucial function in every business, however it can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavour for most firms as it’s typically a non-core business activity. Payroll processing, payroll security and keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing and complex payroll legislation (required to ensure payroll compliance), all combine to make in-house payroll a laborious function for most businesses. Our experienced, IPASS accredited, payroll specialists provide the payroll support, payroll processing and payroll management services that your business requires. An overview of our monthly, annual and on demand payroll services can be found below. 

    Monthly Payroll Services
    Monthly Payroll Services

    We provide a complete range of monthly outsourced payroll services, including: 

    • Preparation of payroll calculations; 
    • Provision of employee payslips; 
    • Proposal of employee net payments via your company’s on-line banking platform, if required (and subject to your company’s bank having a facility to support this); 
    • Advising you on arising PAYE, PRSI & USC liability; 
    • Importing of Revenue Payroll Notifications and uploading Payroll Submissions; 
    • Ensuring relevant payments are discharged through Revenue On-Line Service (“ROS”) (if applicable); and 
    • Providing you with a monthly report with summary level payment requirements and a detailed gross to net report. We can also provide  a   range of other reports to suit your requirements. 
    Annual & On Demand Payroll Services
    Annual & On Demand Payroll Services

    In addition to monthly outsourced payroll services, we provide the necessary annual and ad-hoc payroll services that your business requires, this includes: 

    • Initial payroll set-up; 
    • Compilation of ad-hoc analyses; 
    • Preparation of detailed annual payroll reports; 
    • Registration of new employees as required; and 
    • Processing employees ceasing employment.
    Employment Tax Services
    Employment Tax Services

    In addition to our comprehensive payroll services we provide employment tax services that include: 

    • SARP advice, applications and returns; 
    • Advice and implementation of the tax impact of share schemes; 
    • Revenue audit assistance; and 
    • Global mobility advice and implementation; 

    Get further information on our tax services here. 

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