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Regulatory Reporting

An increasingly complex financial reporting and regulatory environment has created challenges and additional responsibilities for regulated businesses. These businesses must comply with numerous regulatory requirements including AMLD4, MiFlD II, FINREP, COREP, CRS and beneficial ownership reporting.

Our Regulatory Reporting Services, delivered by our specialist team of experts, enable you to meet your reporting obligations to the Central Bank of Ireland in a timely and regulatory compliant manner.

By partnering with EisnerAmper Ireland, we can help you meet your accounting and regulatory reporting needs by:

  • Reviewing your existing returns to ensure they align with your financial accounting records and capture the required data;
  • Reviewing any written procedures you have in relation to the preparation of regulatory returns; and
  • Providing specialist expertise and understanding of the global regulatory landscape.
Regulatory Reporting Services

We complete the following reports for your review and, if you are satisfied, for filing:

  • Monthly Metrics Report;
  • FINREP+;
  • IFREP; and
  • PRISM.

We can also, assist you the preparation of:

  • ICAAP Reporting;
  • CRS Reporting;
  • Capital Projections;
  • Pillar 3; and
  • Asset concentration disclosure.
Regulatory Reporting Services Case Studies:

Below are examples of how we have helped our clients:

Investment Platform
Investment Platform

An Irish Investment Platform regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland required assistance and support with the preparation of financial returns. EisnerAmper Ireland worked closely with the management team of the company to establish the various data reports required for submission to the Central Bank at specified intervals.

The returns falling due are consistently monitored on the client’s online reporting platform and each return is prepared based on management approved figures in the Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Profit and Loss. EisnerAmper Ireland continues to provide ongoing outsourcing support including accounting & tax services and completion of Central Bank regulatory returns.

Irish MiFID Firm - Financial Securities
Irish MiFID Firm - Financial Securities

IT MiFID start up developing trading platform software to process orders and manage portfolios required assistance in the preparation of regulatory returns, ICAAP and responding to CBI requests. We provide the following services:

  • Ongoing advisory & support services, monthly outsourcing services, payroll & preparation of financial statements and corporation tax compliance;
  • Capital adequacy calculations & projections, monthly metrics reports, COREP, FINREP (inc. XBRL); and
  • ICAAP support.

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