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We deliver Tax Reporting Services & Solutions designed specifically to meet your Irish Tax Reporting obligations while facilitating you to focus more on the core activities that matter to your business.

EisnerAmper provides Tax Reporting Services & Solutions to companies trading both in and through Ireland with international markets. Our specialist Tax Advisors are equipped with the technical know-how required to support your business in navigating its Irish Tax Reporting requirements, and our high-quality deliverable is designed to assist you in meeting those requirements.

We work with businesses across multiple industries including Financial Services, Aircraft Leasing, Technology & Software Development, Property and Online retail distributors.

Our Tax Reporting Compliance Services enable you to:

  • Understand the complex Tax Reporting obligations arising from your business and its operations;
  • Meet your various Tax Reporting and filing obligations in accordance with Irish tax law;
  • Understand developments within international tax cooperation and how these updates impact your business; and
  • Create efficiencies for your business by allowing you to focus your time on the core activities that matter to your business.

Our Tax Reporting Compliance Services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements in iXBRL format and electronic submission of these documents with the Irish Revenue;
  • Understanding your Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) obligations and processing of declarations with the Irish Revenue in respect of your FATCA reporting requirements;
  • Understanding your Common Reporting Standard (CRS) obligations and processing of declarations with the Irish Revenue in respect of your CRS reporting requirements;
  • Preparation and filing of returns under s.891A TCA 1997 with the Irish Revenue;
  • Preparation and filing of Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) Returns with the Irish Revenue; and
  • Preparation and filing of country-by-country (CbC) reporting notifications with the Irish Revenue.
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    Useful Links
    • Does your business surpass the relevant threshold requiring you to prepare and file your financial statements in iXBRL format? Find out more here.
    • Understanding developments with respect to Exchange of Information and the reporting requirements arising under the FATCA & CRS Regime.
    • Understanding the Irish rules, filing requirements and exemptions arising from your Company making Dividend Payments.
    • Revenue guidance is available on your Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting requirements.
    Case Studies
    Aircraft Leasing & Securitisation vehicles
    Aircraft Leasing & Securitisation vehicles
    • Assisting one of Ireland’s largest aircraft leasing groups with meeting iXBRL reporting requirements by liaising with a corporate administrator appointed on behalf of the group;
    • Formatting financial statements in iXBRL format in line with Revenue guidance for both Old Irish GAAP and IFRS formats; and
    • Preparation of the iXBRL tagged financial statements and e-filing of these documents with the Irish Revenue.
    Technology & Software Development
    Technology & Software Development
    • Providing assistance to a high growth software development company with understanding their reporting obligations under FATCA and CRS requirements; and
    • Preparation and filing of annual FATCA and CRS returns with the Irish Revenue in accordance with Irish tax law.
    Property Letting
    Property Letting
    • Assisting a large Irish based property letting company with understanding the Irish Withholding Tax obligations in relation to interest payments including the reporting and disclosure requirements associated with same; and
    • Preparing and filing DWT returns with the Irish Revenue in respect of distributions made.
    Online Retail Chain
    Online Retail Chain
    • Assisting a large online retail cosmetics chain with understanding their obligations under Irish tax law in respect of Country by Country (CbC) reporting requirements; and
    • Annual Preparation of the CbC reporting notification on behalf of the client company to disclose relevant information required to be reported under Irish tax law.

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